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Lithuania Bans All Types of Gambling Advertisements

The Lithuanian government has recently entered into force on 1 July.

Lithuanian lawmakers on Thursday overwhelmingly passed amendments to the country's Gambling Law with 105 votes to yes, with 14 abstentions.

According to these changes, local licensed gambling operators, will no longer be able to advertise any casino and betting products through special events and promotional campaigns, tests. games, distribution of gambling chips, different gifts and discounts.

The gambling advertising ban covers both the retail and online sectors of the Baltic country. regulated gambling industry.

As mentioned above, the new advertising regime at the beginning of July will come into effect. . It should be noted that gambling products are currently promoted in the country with certain limitations, although the recent changes will impose a total ban.

For example, operators gifts to encourage players to gamble They are not allowed to offer. In addition, gambling activities may only be conducted at licensed real-world venues and through licensed websites.

Since July 2020, companies should display warnings about the risks associated with gaming and betting in all their advertisements.

Responsible Gambling Effort

New advertising restrictions were passed as part of Lithuanian lawmakers' efforts to provide a safer gambling environment for the country's residents.

The sweeping ban will be introduced after a survey by the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority in November 2020 showed strong support for such a move. All 1 items approximately% 76,001 survey respondents that gambling advertisements should at least be limited The 52% said an outright ban was a necessary move.

In April 2020, local licensed operators agreed to stop advertising their products and services amid the country's first coronavirus

Virginijus Dauksys, director of the Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority, explained that before the new rules went into effect, the regulator had received many complaints about gambling operators not following the existing rules. using different channels to actively promote the rules and their products.

The upcoming ban also has competitors. Mantas Zakarka, a representative of the country's National Gambling and Gambling Business Association, said that introducing such a ban would make the local market less attractive to potential new entrants and warned that it would only benefit blacks. Market.

Lithuania is not the only country to impose a complete ban on casino and betting advertisements. A few years ago, Italy adopted similar sweeping restrictions, while Sweden, with which Lithuania shares a maritime border, is currently considering introducing a new regime that will completely limit any form of gambling advertising.

Source: Lithuania bans the promotion of parlt gambling, Baltic Times, May 20, 2021