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SOFTSWISS Rebranded To Better Reflect Its Position In The Online Gambling Market

SoftSwiss, supplier of online casino and sports betting software, announced this week: it is preparing to rebrand in a move that reflects the company's current position in the online gambling market and its vision to maintain its leading position in it.

From 1 July, the provider's logo text and brand name will appear in SOFTSWISS (in capital letters) in all official press releases and marketing materials.

SOFTSWISS announced its position as an innovative and leading provider, striving to ensure that the new feel of its logo will remain true to its brand values. “the safest and most reliable”

It offers iGaming and online sports betting solutions to its customers.

The company revealed that it incorporated the most important lessons learned from the past during the brand image development phase and combined them with its team, which is the main secret of its brand's success. .

SOFTSWISS was launched in 2009 as a small software development initiative. employees. In the past 12 years, currently More than 200 experts in offices in Belarus, Malta , and Poland.

The new brand logo will reflect the company's development over the years, with a fresher and more contemporary look.

20300 Latest Situation of a Series of Changes in Visual ID

This is the latest change SOFTSWISS has implemented in recent years to update its visual identity. company in 2009 released a new logo While carrying the same colors as before, it was more compatible with the multi-vertical product presentation.

SOFTSWISS from the old bitcoin and casino chip logo

left in favor of a simpler yet modern look this depicts an 's' turned counterclockwise, implying the infinity symbol.

In its early days, SOFTSWISS had established itself as a one-stop white label solution provider that handled all relevant technical, legal and financial processes. launch of a new online casino.

In 2019, the company has a pioneered bitcoin. -optimized online casino solutionfar beyond the frenzy created by the most popular cryptocurrency in recent years.

Over the years, SOFTSWISS has expanded its product portfolio to now include an online casino platform, a recently launched sports betting platform, a game aggregator, a crypto casino solution, Affilka affiliate management platform and different managed services.

Commenting on his latest big news, SOFTSWISS founder Ivan Montik said, “Looking back, it's amazing how much we've grown” and he “We started over 12 years ago with a very small team, now It has grown to the size of a small village!”

Mr. Montik believes that the new look reflects the desire for continuous innovation and improvement and, through the new visual model and the overall unified image, “Be able to communicate brand positioning

drew attention. much clearer for our current and potential customers”

Source: SOFTSWISS is Rebranding, SoftSwiss Newsroom, June 29, 2019